Syllabus World Geography


Course Title: World Geography 7th          

Course Number: 2934000 Prerequisites: None

Instructor: Mr. Hokanson (BSED University of South Dakota, 1993 & MSED University of Wyoming 2006)

Contact Information: – 771-2640 – Office Hours Room 262 before and after school for students M-F 7:15-7:30 & 2:45-3:00

Classroom Website:

Classroom Expectations: Students will be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible…

Digital Device Use: When assigned by the instructor, students can utilize their own digital device to complete online activities in the classroom. Students must adhere to the school electronics policy as outlined.

Additional Information: Honors World Geography 7th, course number 2932000, may be substituted for this requirement.

Course Description: This course is designed to provide the student with a broad overview of both the physical and cultural geography of the six permanently inhabited continents. Basic map reading and map interpretation skills will be reviewed at the beginning of the course.

Standards & Benchmarks Addressed: The following Wyoming Social Studies Standards (2014) are addressed during this course.

STANDARD 2: Culture/Cultural Diversity – Students demonstrate an understanding of the contributions and impacts of human interaction and cultural diversity on societies.

STANDARD 3: Production, Distribution, and Consumption – Students describe the influence of economic factors on societies and make decisions based on economic principles.

STANDARD 4: Time, Continuity and Change – Students analyze events, people, problems, and ideas within their historical contexts.

STANDARD 5: People, Places, and Environments – Students apply their knowledge of the geographic themes (location, place, movement, region, and human/environment interactions) and skills to demonstrate an understanding of interrelationships among people, places, and environment.

Wyoming Social Studies Content and Performance Standards

District Assessments:

Subject area content and skills are assessed by common unit district exams given to all 7th grade Geography students. These assessments will be 30% of the student’s course grade.

Course Organization:

First Semester (A)

  • Unit One: US and Canada/Geography Skills (estimated time: 6 weeks).
  • Unit Two: European Geography (estimated time 6 weeks).
  • Unit Three: Latin American Geography (estimated time 7 weeks).

Second Semester (B)

  • Unit Four: Africa (estimated time 6 weeks).
  • Unit Five: South, Southwest, and Central Asia (estimated time 4 weeks).
  • Unit Six: East and Southeast Asia (estimated time 6 weeks).
  • Unit Seven: Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands (3 weeks).

Adopted Instructional Materials: Exploring Our World: People, Places, and Cultures; Glencoe/McGraw-Hill 2010

Grading Scale

A = 90 – 100
B = 80 – 89
C = 70 – 79
D = 60 – 69
F = 50 – 59

7th Grade Geography August 2014