Southwest Asia (the Middle East)/Central Asia Country Reports

Students will create a PowerPoint presentation, using OneDrive from Office 365, on an assigned country from Southwest Asia (the Middle East) or Central Asia…


The presentation should contain at least the following slides:

  1. Name of Country & Student Name + Class Period
  2. Map (picture)
  3. Flag (picture) + description
  4. Geography (description of land & climate)
  5. History (could be a timeline of important events or a paragraph outlining a brief history of the country)
  6. Culture (language, religion, education, food, clothing, music, holidays, etc.)
  7. Government (type, leaders, etc.)
  8. At least 5 Fun Facts (Did you know? from CultureGrams, etc.)

Another online resource that may be helpful is the CIA World Facebook

To start a PowerPoint either open from the Start Menu (Remember to save to your OneDrive!) or go to and click on the Office 365/Email link, login, and start a NEW PowerPoint. Make sure to share your PowerPoint with Mr. Hokanson and give editing rights so suggestions can be provided!

We will present our presentations after we are finished sometime during the week of March 5-9, 2018, and your presentation will be published on the web!